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Etta B Dickerson

Etta B Dickerson

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So, this is what it has come to…i have decided it is time to claim “mumicimo” as my blog identity because the use of this name has fallen into convenient and habitual use just in time for web 2.0 to take wing like that little blue bird on twitter.

The stated objective of this blog–to justify this gesture of self-establishment and the raising of a banner–is to bring together some of the existing blog, which may be said to be here and there around the internet.

Beyond that, this is an appeal to like-minded writers, artists, wordsmiths, poets, and beating hearts alike.

Witness, holler, cringe or respond in comments. As my own abilities increase, i hope to share and demonstrate the weaving of art and technology–hoorah and all that. I’m awfully good at props and love handing them out like candy but it’s time for me to produce.

Don’t worry, i’ve always known good from bad.

Expect this space to be dynamic through 2009 as we integrate the various and sundry sources and engines of endless cleverness, mashed and mellowed into golden afternoons of orange marmalade facade, and what to do but not be blue.

As the existing social order re-orders itself in an orgasm of wealth creation built to buttress banks, big banks, and we cannot lie, we like our banks big and buttressy…

OK, it’s very late, and i’m obviously at the edge of sleeptalking on the topic of how this blog will be a distillation of my point of view; how it ranges beelike…beelike…spring has swelled old lilac into bloom so loud it fills an empty room.

Have a lovely, late and later, afternoon. ~etta

Process, Layering & Recognition a day in the life …coming soon.25 April 2009

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